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Reconditioned Transmission and Diff Warranty

12 months or 20,000klms –whichever occurs first.


Reconditioned or rebuilt transmissions/transfer cases or diffs are warranted for a period of 12 months or 20,000klsm whichever occurs first.

Mining related vehicles, or vehicles for hire are not covered by this warranty policy.

Warranty covers defective workmanship and/or materials, provided that the unit has been correctly installed be a qualified mechanical engineer and used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Authorisation must be obtained from your supplier prior to any work being carried out under warranty. Removal or dismantling of the transmission/diff without authorisation will render the warranty void.

This warranty does not cover consequential damage, injury to persons, towing, accommodation or loss of income.

Warranty does not cover vehicles which have been subjected to misuse, neglect, contamination or incorrect grades of lubricant.

Warranty does not cover any vehicle modified from factory specifications.

It is the owners responsibility to maintain and service the transmission as per manufacturers requirements.

Some Transmissions are subject to GEAR BREAKAGE. It is not recommended to use an overdrive gear (e.g. 5th or 6th) whilst towing, carrying a heavy load or driving at low speeds.

Warranty does NOT cover broken gears in transmissions.

Some Transmissions are subject to ROLLOVER NOISE (Gear Rattle). This noise emanates from the clutch and is in no way a transmission problem. NO warranty will be given for this symptom.

Warranty is not transferable upon sale of vehicle.

This policy takes precedence over any other warranty written, spoken or implied by persons wether employed by your supplied or not.

This warranty provides for the repair, not replacement of the warranted item.

All gearbox and diff exchange units must be returned to validate this warranty.

It is recommended to change the oil 1,500klms after the initial installation, then each 12 months or 20,000klms of normal use.

We strongly recommend not using an overdrive gear (e.g. 5th, 6th) while towing.